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Industrial Flooring

Sports grounds, petrol stations, commercial premises, supermarkets, shopping centers, deposit facilities, among others.

Different surface finishes:

  • Mechanical polishing with hardeners, with or without color.
  • Concrete: polished, roller-compacted, combed.
  • Polishing of hard surfaces.
  • Monolithic granite floors in situ.
  • Other

Road Work

One of our main working sectors is the execution of road work for private urbanizations, municipalities, industries, parking lots, loading control centers, among others.

We have the team and the specialized workforce to finish large surfaces in short periods of time, according to the client's needs, and always with the quality that represents us.

  • Ground movement
  • Roadside curb
  • Rigid concrete and Hexais System
  • Flexible concrete

Infraestructure for urbanization

Execution of services for private urbanizations and municipalities:

  • Natural gas
  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Energy in medium and low voltage
  • Lighting

Architecture Projects

Development of projects in Architecture, mainly for the public sector, such as schools, squares, sports parks, among others.



  • Design, calculations and management of architecture projects.
  • Technical coordination and direction.

Civil Engineering

  • Development of projects of urbanization, sanitary sewerage systems and supply systems.
  • Topographic measurement and project layout.

Elaboration of cement in the building site location

The company has the possibility of elaborating cement in the building site location with the mobile batching plant CARMIX 3500, which has an hourly production of 9 m3/hour.

We produce cement both for the internal supply of our projects and to supply different client companies all over the country.

Since 1985

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