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Our company was founded in 1985 by the Engineer Gustavo de la Colina, during those years it was commercially known as "De la Colina Construcciones" and it mainly focused on:

Industrial, commercial and sports flooring with all types of finishing.

Rigid pavement and roadside curbs.

Concrete foundations.

The year 2002 came with a need to widen the company's horizons, so it broadens its specialties by including infrastructure development for municipalities and urbanizations, carrying out gas, water and sewerage works since then.
In 2006, with the incorporation of new partners, the company continues its work with the name of CEDE S.R.L. Today we are a working group made up of specialized professionals with vast experience and the same company values which were the foundation of this organization.

Fundamental Values
Since its creation, the culture of CEDE has flourished based on strong principles. Nowadays, our company values are the corner stone of the business and they are the result of our ethically-driven conduct during each project and undertaking.

Since 1985

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